Tells experiences, shares suggestions and describes moments.

CONTEXTURE was founded in Rome in 2017. Contexture tells experiences, shares suggestions and describes moments.
Contexture wants to “texturize the ordinary”, meet your desire for originality and create a product that is as close as possible to your desires.
Contexture is an online sales service of customized graphics for small cuts, thought and printed in Italy.
Everything begins with the choice of a texture: you can choose whether to buy it by meter, or  to apply it to one of the fashion proposals or furnishing accessories.
And if you want to be even more original, we will offer you the customization service: tell us who you are, what’s your story and we will realize for you your personal texture, which will be your way to be YOUNIQUE.

“I have 15 years of experience in the graphics industry, I feel a little bit Daria, Mary Poppins: everything must be in order and precise, but I can easily lose myself in a world created by a simple drawing on the pavement.

I am the mother of a child who gives me new stimuli every day, and the most important thing that teaches me is that you can change many times in a single day as well as in life “.