Digital Printing

So easy? You might say…

AT ALL!!!  After that amazing afternoon between trip memories and a brain-storming, we had to understand how to really start.

So, we stood by our dreamer side and we pulled out the other side: the pragmatic one, or as a mutual friend calls us “ La Capa Tosta”

1 necessary step: finding a company able to print on fabric all these beautiful drawings we were staring at on our computer’s screens.

Our texture are a trip around the world but  our heart is Italian, so we took the decision to surround us by the Italian excellence: the Como area.

In fact when in Italy you say printed fabric you say Como.

Phone in one hand, computer right in front of our eyes… considering the common average is 3 request / 1 answer… we armed ourselves of patience and sent our e-mail to many company, and we had back few answers.

Our biggest problem was we asked for the possibility to have small quantity of fabric, many different prints, “ad hoc” prints for people who wish to have something special; and, of course, we wanted also to keep the prices down!!!

After a long research, studies, comparisons, we arrived to the Digital Printing, a new print technology that allow to find the right compromise between all our request.

Finally we decided to listen to our gut and, as usual for us, we chose the person  who seems more helpful, who inspires us confidence and meets our needs  giving also some good advise.

Our little group of women grew up….  welcome Francesca!

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