5 good reasons to wear the long dress:


1.While you are in the midst of detox post-pandoro and panettones and feel a little swollen on your belly, our long dress comes to your aid because you can leave the drawstring soft and wear it like a tunic. Glamour secured and zero marks;)
2.Do you want to enhance your shapes in an elegant and chic way? Once again the long dress is perfect if you have a prosperous breast and want to make it your strong point. In fact, by tightening the drawstring at the waist you will feel as beautiful as Scarlett Johansson
3.Your worry is side b? Doesn’t the long dress help you? Whether you want to emphasize it or hide it, you can tighten or leave the drawstring softer and the game is done!
4.One of the 5 textures will express what you are, you can wear it with heels to be elegant and with amphibians to be rock. If you have a black tie party choose from the most sober textures such as the foot of poule or polka dots, if on the contrary you want to feel at the centre of attention then Pop Guilin is your texture, finally if you want to wear the dress all day long, the Strati and Tartan textures are the ones for you!
5.Last but not least, it is printed in Como, packaged in Rome by the seamstress Tiziana and shipped with the ❤ Manu e Giulia


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