Once we decided that our trips were the fil rouge for our first textures collection, I immediately pick up every picture I took around the world, and I note I was younger and thinner , sigh 🙁

I looked at my pictures again, under a new light, thinking about how turn them in textures and elements.

I didn’t want a pattern repetition, it’d had been too easy, what I immagined was the mix of vector graphic, a classic ballpoint pen, and some brushstroken to convert my pictures in postcards.

Among all the places I’ve visited, I choose the rice terraces of the Dragon’s Backbone in Guanxi region, Cina: I created the terraces using sineous lines and yellow which reminds me the puddy fileds with the sunlight reflection.

The Mexico texture was a tribute to a corageous artist, Frida Kahlo, capable of convert her misery in inspiration, capable of express her passion and her energy using colours, humminbirds, butterflies and wreaths.

I tried to communicate all theese emotions throught brushstroken and drawings vectorized.

Then Kyoto, represented with lines which remind the classic temple doors, and Ko Tao with huge flowers because there Nature prevails with its variety, colours and profumes.

The choosen fabrics have a height of 150cm so, as I thought as a graphic designer “base multiply for height”, I started to create a vertical format… AND I WAS WRONG!

Fabric has a direction so, as I wanted to made a not standard pattern, I can’t copy it in a vertical way: rookie mistake!

To verify the resolution of scanned brushstroken we printed the texture on plotter.

Colours and resolution were perfect on paper, so I prepared the pdf files and I crossed fingers;)

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