CONTEXTURE is a bespoke fashion, graphic and design project founded in Rome in 2017 with the purpose to “texturize the ordinary“. We draw textures that we print on wallpapers and fabric to produce a 100% artisanal made in italy product. You can choose your favorite texture and apply it to our fashion and home decor proposal or, with our customization service, you can tell us who you are and your story so that we can realize a texture that let you feel really YOUNIQUE.

Born in Irpinia, moved to Rome to study at European Institute of Design. At 12 years old I already knew that i will be a graphic designer, determined and stubborn. Working in different agencies bring me to deal with big brands, like national and international campaign for Valentino, the very first step into fashion world.

I love to find the beautiful everywhere, art, photography, movies and travels.  The travels i made teached me a lot: China is definitly a place that I want to come back, Africa is Always on my mind, America opened my eyes. I’ve been always attracted by fabrics and by the more particular designs, so the idea to realize my textures was a constant and fixed wish become finally a well-structured truth.  I like to observe people and lose myself in thoughts and colors. In every texture I draw there’s a piece of me, because I don’t want just to make clothes but small projects to wear and live everyday.