New year, new trends… who hasn’t yet read an article about new trends for home and its environments? In my opinion few hands were raised up… as in December every article is about annual horoscopes and “pull the sums” of the year that is about to finish, from January is all a bloom of articles on how your home has to be or how you have to dress for the coming months.
How many of us, after reading and getting excited, turned their eyes around and thought “I really want to change, but where do I start from?”… and so, taken by the despair and urgency of dinner, washing machine, telephone call have set aside the idea?
We did this many times… and that’s the reason why we decided to come in your aid with 3 small tips to start:
1 As we say in Italy “you like to win easy” have you ever thought about how a set of super coloured cushions can renew your sofa with very little cost and effort? Stop with those matching cushions, perhaps even in the same fabric as the sofa! Enjoy your imagination in the combination of different textures, or if you prefer take them in the same fantasy!!
2I know that old armchair you are so fond of and is so comfortable and which is your favorite for relax… but let’s say it… is watchful now! With the years, the dinners you eat while watching your favorite series, and maybe a child at home it surely have lost “the splendor of yesteryear”… even in this case, we know how to help you!
With a few meters of cotton in one of our textures your favorite armchair will change completely, no one could recognize it, and will surely become the strong piece of your living room while maintaining its comfort!
3-Inauguration of your new home… you are exhausted, the renovations you know, take your strength off, but you don’t want to renounce to a dinner with all your friends to share this great joy… you will only need a few meters of our fabrics and a stroke of sewing machine to create a magical and unforgettable table!
Then, if you really want your friends to stay open-mouthed and continue to weave your praise for years, I would have a suggestion for you… do you know that you could take even the dishes paired with some of our textures? Don’t say that I had not told you!

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