Today we want to tell you a beautiful story…. do you know what we might call “fluke”?
This story begins a few months ago at the very beginning of our feat, when we started creating our social channels: Facebook (, Pinterest ( and Instagram (
After a few days we were contacted by a journalist who, seeing our images, was impressed and wanted to know more!
Now we can’t tell you everything, but last Saturday we did the photo shooting for an article on a magazine very important and very read!
We had a lot of fun to dismantle the house, find “interesting” corners for shots, set up sets with banal (as we thought) work material…. In short, for the umpteenth time, a FIRST TIME!
And it’s always a great feeling, that mixture of emotion, pride – for you to understand that the idea you’ve believed in is reflected – and that innate happiness that accompanies every first time!
A different kind of deal is that we were not so capable of transmitting these feelings in front of the camera! :)))
We were really embarrassed, so it took us a while to take the nervs away in front of the photographer! But we also want to thank her, because in the end she has found a way to loosen this tension and make us feel comfortable!
It was a good morning, and now we are looking forward to unveiling the magazine’s name and publication date!

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