For sure, for us each garment is a “piezz’e core”- as we say in Italy – but thanks to our friends and customers’ suggestions, we have drawn up a ranking of our 5 most versatile garments:

At the 5th place we find the short dress Viscose crepe dress – Contexture

Someone told us,”it will be perfect with my décolleté to go to work”, those who have chosen to wear it with men’s shoes or even with sneakers! This dress is comfortable, thanks to its A silhouette, and freeze up thanks to the ruffles on the bottom!

In 4th place the coat Coat – Contexture

One evening, just before Christmas, we were among friends and as when we were 13 years old and the Take That poster stood above our bed, we started to try out all the clothes, thus having the proof that every person has its OWN texture!

For example, these 3 girls had ONE textures each one that exalted them and really made them shine… when they tried the other coats the effect was completely different!

In 3rd place, bronze medal for the top Viscose crepe top – Contexture

One of our customers, receiving the shipment, wrote to us: “This top will be my uniform for all the next congresses that I will have to hold, and also with a pair of jeans I will use it for an evening with friends! “

Simple but effective, it feels good with slim trousers like palace pants, for a work look as well as for leisure time.

2nd place for the skirt Viscose crepe skirt – Contexture

Through our photos we showed you that it is really versatile: A-line, with comfortable invisible in seam pockets, it has the right length to be worn with boots for a seventies look, with pumps for an evening at the theatre, with ballerinas to go comfortable and cute at work. For combinations, there’s only choice embarrassment: shirt, turtleneck, a white t-shirt or even a sweatshirt for a more trendy look!

Gold medal, 1st place in our hearts as well as in that of our customers for the long dress Viscose crepe long dress – Contexture

Its fit is perfect for all women who want to be beautiful, flashy, charming, but who don’t like wrapping up in wrinkled tubing! For those who don’t have the perfect butt, or who want to hide that belly that doesn’t really want to come away!

Its drawstring waist allows you to adjust it as you like, and you will feel beautiful and comfortable at the same time!

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