Contexture goes to Elle Active

Last weekend Contexture went away to Milan… no, it wasn’t the lack of the Duomo, unbridled shopping and happy hour that drove us there, but rather a beautiful initiative of Elle magazine.
It was a two-day Forum, Elle Active, focused on women empowerment, women and women!
Women entrepreneurs, who have managed to combine private life and professional satisfaction, the so-called “women who have done so”.
It was inspiring and beautiful to listen to them, to have advice, to seize secrets, to meet them… in short, it doesn’t happen every day that you can present your project to the director of a magazine so important in the fashion panorama, to a manager of a huge company of democratic Design, to an Italian that through Google promotes Made in Italy in the world!
Then of course we didn’t disdain a little shopping trip… obviously only to catch the latest trends (:) and a good glass of wine before dinner!

Contexture never stop, stay sure!

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