First Contexture collection comes to life, and from that moment was a daily frenzy: takes the measures, find out all of the unexpected commitment that a website implicates.

The essential was to describe our project to ESTABLISH A REPUTATION!

We know today is easier to arrive to a large audience, but how to find the “right” one? We absolutely need someone who has a great knowledge about and help us to exploit the “social network potential“.

So, let us introduce Ester!

Thanks to her a lot of unknown (for us!) words take shape….Ok, we can just say “shape” ‘cause talk to us about this kind of stuff  is like talk to a brick wall…I know…but expressions like target, insight, publication time, post planning, create a pixel, talkwalker… Now we just can say to you that create a clear and simple message sometimes is really complicate, trust us!

The “behind the scene” work is really huge and not always perceptible !!!!

Her support was fundamental for us during the shooting…choose the poses, understand the differences between a “a FB pic” and a “Insta pic”, find the right compromise between our possibilities and a well done job ….and talking about our possibilities and resources , I think it’s time to publicly thank our photographer, chef, driver, storekeeper, supporter, father, and many others role Francesco, that in theory is just the already mentioned Manu’s husband … and a great thanks also to our fist model Ilaria, who poses for us just for a deep friendship!

We have already a long list of people to thank …and it will become longer and longer!

Because Contexture never stop, and we are working on the new Texture collection, but most important to expand the support: ”texturize the ordinary “ is our claim from the very beginning, so why stop at clothing?

Stay tuned, we will surprise you!

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