Custom fabric and wallpaper

I’d like to finish this year with a work that take us a lot of energy. It was a not easy personalization for a person that  has already a strong and defined identity: Federico Faragalli. Natural Hair stylist in rome, alchemist of color and figure. Natural glam is his philosophy, natural tecniques mixed with hair coloring innovations to give incredible results. For this reason we thought at the Lichen, a symbiotic organism made by a seaweed and fungus, an indestructible bound. They live togheter giving each other nutrients ensuring their survival. Innovation and taking care using organic products is a must for Federico. The work we made for him was both fabric and wallpaper. An addictive effect and Natural Glam. The texture was drawn just for Federico and we decided to use ocher,  a color with tones that range from yellow-gold to light brown, it brightens the ambient with his cozy and elegant tone and wit his strong recall to nature. The mud color background emphaszies even more the Natural glam Concept.

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