Every year Dana organizes an event in wich she introduces an up and coming designer to celebrate her concept store’s birthday.
The event planned by @danaromaconceptstore was enchanting because I met wonderful people to whom I told what Contexture is and what it means to me😊.
I realized that often people are surprised to know that I draw the texture and I felt proud to hear enthusiastic comments of those who discover my source of inspiration for the first time.
For example, yesterday, a lady who was looking at the China trousers asked me what they represent and when I reply that they would represent rice fields she had a flashback because she visited rice fields when she was young with wonderful memories.
In the same way, a girl  who visited Guilin, what a coincidence.
I love to guess the right texture for everyone, as happened yesterday: everyone has its own texture.
I have to tank Dana for this wonderful experience, for hosting me in her beautiful store and for the perfect organization that touched me, I swear.
Thanks to everyone who came just for a greet, to all I knew only on Instagram and all of you. I would like to hold all in a hug to say one more time Thank You.😊

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