Welcome back! How many of you are at their desk and have already made the countdown for next Christmas?

We have returned with ideas and post it with addresses, links, and drawings (some, I tell you that we don’t remember absolutely what they were!) and we are ready for a new Contexture season, which as we announced before the summer will bring many new features.

Before the summer we had announced not only a new Texture collection… but I can tell you that the Textures are beautiful (obviously!!!) and to those of you who have some reluctance to wear prints for the winter… we tell you that you will be thrilled!

As for our motto “we will texturize the ordinary”, just the other day we took pictures of our first pillows!

Because if everything started from a chair… a reason there will have to be it! We thought about our experience, and how many times we have sought out that colourful, charming “detail” that would renew our sofa, without necessarily having to overturn everything.

For a touch of color in your living rooms, for the last days of sunshine in your gardens… They will be available in multiple sizes, and of course you can choose the texture you prefer!

So many other ideas boil in the pot, but we can’t reveal them all now…. otherwise the suspense?

…. It’s all right… just because it’s you who are fond of it… I can tell you to follow our Facebook and Instagram pages, because soon we’ll start to present you one by one the Textures of the next collection!

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