The paper pattern


While we were waiting for our fabric, we started to search someone who could transform the sketches into something real: a pattern maker to realize the paper pattern for our collection.

Today this kind of labour it’s not so easy to find: time ago it was really common, but over the years we lost a bit of ”little tailoring tradition” in Italy.

So we spreader the word around, until we find the right person : Tiziana.

And I say right person because it’s not assumed to find someone who is able to traspose your sketch into a 3d model exactly as you immagine it at the first time.

As a designer, you can be as specific as you can, you can write every single note and specify every measure, but the perfect transposition it’s a question of feeling. During my professional career I worked with many pattern makers, and it was not always an easy life!

When we had the pattern, we bought white fabric as much similar to the right and definitive ones to realize the first sample..and for the first time we saw them!

Finally they came to life!

Obviously that was the time to define finishes and sewings; and that was another long chapter of the story:  the fashion designer, the pattern maker and the dressmaker usually have three different opinions!

Each one shows preferences for his vision: for me, for example, in this specific case the first impression is the main thing, and the client eye should be focus on the print, on our textures, and then he has to notice the details and the finishes.

But the dressmakers usually  have a great knowledge, and I have to admit that their suggestions were often right: welt or flap pocket, flat felled seam or not, internal finishes…

Define every single detail, choose buttons, waistband, zip and sliders …and involve and get Manu interested in this kind of staff, because she was just a simple buyer the day before, and now she was find out and enjoy the “behind the scenes”.

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