Our textures created in collaboration for some fashion and accessories brands. We like to tell stories through our patterns and we can create your custom texture for your company or product 

La Cartella by Contexture

Our textures have been chosen by La Cartella di Knob Musician Design for a Limited Edition by Contexture. It was a great collaboration and made us really proud. For @knob_design we have both declined some of the most recognizable textures – such as Strati, Pied de Poule and KoTao – and created new textures such as Quadri, minimal and design, and Mary Poppins, inspired by the famous umbrella with the parrot wearing the hat by Mary Poppins.

The sale of the limited edition has ended, they are no longer available.

Je Suis le Fleur by Contexture


Sometimes professional opportunities and new collaborations can arise in a random and completely unexpected way. Our opportunity to collaborate with the fashion brand Je Suis Le Fleur was born just like that, at an event in which we found ourselves chatting by chance.

They had a collection already in production, but they did not have garments with patterns, from this need it was almost a challenge, to create something new and original to complement the solid colors and the already chosen color palettes. Three exclusively designed textures were chosen with which the brand created shirts, scarves and dresses for the 2019/2020 winter collection.

Contexture x Silvia Lingerie

CONTEXTURE x SILVIA The collaboration between Contexture and Silvia resulted in the creation of a unique pajama. Unique precisely because Contexture has created a unique design – The Codex – inspired by the Codex Seraphinianus. The Codex is a surreal book with an infinite series of drawings and graphic metamorphoses in which botany, architecture, zoology and imagination converge. Emanuela created the first social texture designed thanks to the ideas of the community that actively participated in the creation of the surreal characters inspired by the Codex Seraphinianus. Silvia is a company that has been active in Italy for over 60 years and has always been involved in the production of women’s sleepwear. Silvia products are designed and produced entirely in the company’s laboratories to guarantee each woman the highest quality to wear in moments of relaxation. Silvia translated a fabulous texture into a dream pajama, a precious fabric such as cotton poplin was chosen – fresh, light and elegant – on which Contexture’s design was printed. In Silvia’s workshops, all the combinations of fabric and accessories were then studied to create a unique and unrepeatable garment, a pajama with a classic cut that becomes an extraordinary pajama with the Codex texture. The result is a pajama with special details. A pajama to travel with the imagination even in dreams!