What is the dress that takes you back to childhood? The wrap dress.

For me, for example, it happens when I see those wrap dresses. This model was in fact the dress that when I was a child, in full phase “I want to be a model”, punctually stole from my mother’s wardrobe, I wore it over my clothes, then I looked for shoes with the highest heel and necklaces more showy without forgetting, of course, makeup and hairstyle! After completing the work, I started my fashion show in the long corridor of the house, feeling like a real model. Too bad that everything ended as soon as my mother realized that I was dangerously risking breaking my ankle and irreparably ruining her beloved shoes. Even today I have a very sweet memory of that dress and those afternoons. So, since today I can wear what I want, this wrap dress was my “madeleine”.

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