Floral wallpaper


Custom made wallpaper, sqm cost. Choose the texture and write to indicating the dimensions and the texture, we will send you an email with the quote. You can change the colors to create a coordinated and an environment that reflects you. To give more personality and identity to your project, ask for your custom texture at . Strong impact also for companies and commercial activities combined with lampshades or upholstery for a UNIQUE effect!



A selection of our floral wallpapers, from the Heliconia of Perù to the giant flowers of Ko Tao, up to the peonies of Flowers. You can change colors to fit them in the best way to your space style to create a matching that reflects you. You can also choose from 3 different surface finishing on the shop

How to order your wallpaper? Choose the texture and write to indicating the dimensions and the texture. We will send you an email with the cost and if you want to send us a photo of your environment we will be able to give you a simulation of the applied wallpaper with a small additional cost.

Contexture’s original patterns are a new way to express your creativity, a way to be truly unique “Time to be Younique”, as our claim says.

Ask for info to, we can draw your personal texture and print it on wallpapers or fabrics to give more personality, identity and effect both for private houses and for business premises. The effect will be UNIQUE.

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