Geometric Wallpaper


Choose the texture and write to indicating the dimensions and the texture, we will send you an email with the quote. You can change the colors to create a coordinated and an environment that reflects you. To give more personality and identity to your project, ask for your custom texture at . Strong impact also for companies and commercial activities combined with lampshades or upholstery for a UNIQUE effect!



We have selected three kinds of wallpaper to decorate your rooms. A creative way to renew your house with a unique texture. The Linen Wallpaper has a fabric effect, soft and nice to touch. The Stucco Wallpaper has a more classic and material effect and the Smooth Wallpaper, perfect cromatic yield. Contact us on for info and prices, it is possible to choose our textures or new ones  created for you in order to give a strong identity to your business.

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