What women want

From the very beginning we were sure about using natural fibres, that’s what we explained to Francesca when we told her about the project.

She send us a selections of fabric, and the choice results not so easy… she has sent us a lot of  samples, and finally we choose two of them, both set off for the vibrant colours we have in our mind, but completely different each other for weight, weave and hang:

A fresh cotton canvas recalling seaside and summer, and a soft hanging viscose.

We’ve found the perfect bases, so each of us focus on her skill: Manu on the graphics, while I have to create an easy, everyday collection that has to be the perfect base for our textures.


As usual, I prefere the night-time, so, after many sketches done on my Moleskine, on broadside and on receipts too, one night I came up with an idea… if we give the chance to customize also the clothes?

Add and subtract details, modify the lengths… How often in front of a store mirror we thought “if there had been a sleeve” or “if  it was a little bit longer”… we are women, we always want something more!!!

I started from a basic shape with a style detail: a seam starting from the armholes that cut transversaly the figure, to elongate the silhouette, and give it the effect of largeness I wanted.

Then I add one by one all the elements: sleeves, rouche for the more girlish women, I try to leghten and shorten every piece. Soft silhouette, that exalt any body shape, with pocket everywhere I can put them to add a touch of practicality we always need.

I wanted it to be  “What women want”

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